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Town Items—Forms of Intentions of Marriage.

   Sept 10th 1804—"This may certify to whom it may concern that the intention of Marriage between Rev. Elijah Leonard of Marshfield and Miss Mary Delano of Scituate hath been entered within fourteen days and that legal publication thereof hath been made in this town."
   "April 3—1805—This may certify to whom it may concern that this intention of marriage between Doctor Charles Macomber of Marshfield & Miss Dorothy Hitchcock of Pembroke hath been entered within fourteen days and that Legal publication thereof hath been made."
   "An agent was chosen to meet the Agents from Scituate & Duxbury Concerning adopting measures for securing vessels & cargoes that are cast on our Sea Shores for the benefit of Proprietors.   Francis G. Ford, chosen Agent."
   "Edward P. Little & others presented a petition at town meeting, praying to the Legislature to grant them an act of incorporation for the purpose of erecting a toll bridge across the North River, to get the sense of the meeting, the vote being yeas 23 & nays 17."
   "At a town meeting held this year it was voted not to reconsider or make null & void the vote passed at their last town meeting of the fifth inst. empowering and authorizing an agent to refer or present a petition to the legislature of this Commonwealth praying for an act or law to separate & divide the town of Marshfield into two Separate and differ-



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