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Daniel Webster's Death.
Town Resolutions.

   At a town meeting, the Selectmen presiding, it was voted "that the clerk of the town be instructed to enter on the Record of this town, certain Resolutions passed at an adjourned meeting of citizens of the town held on Thursday, October 28, A. D., 1852, and also a letter from Millard Fillmore, Acting President of the United States."
   At an adjourned meeting of the citizens of Marshfield, held without distinction of party, at their town house on Thursday, October 28th, the following resolutions were unanimously passed:
   "Whereas it has pleased an allwise Providence to remove from the scenes of Earth the Hon. Daniel Webster, Secretary of the State, of the United States: therefore
   Resolved, that the citizens of Marshfield join in the Universal, deep tones lamentations that is pouring forth from every part of our land, and that will soon be heard coming over the waters from other lands, in consequence of the decease of our illustrious citizen.
   Resolved, that the cause of free political institutions throughout the world has lost a devoted friend and unrivaled advocate.
   Resolved, that the people of this town mourn, in an especial manner, the departure of him who, when he could be spared from this arduous public duties, has so long made his home among them.
   Resolved, that the name of Daniel Webster has cause to be associated with the name of our otherwise unpretending town, an immortal fame; and that we believe no spot on the



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