History of Marshfield. 169

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   "Nov. 5—John A. Andrew's vote in Marshfield for Governor was 196, to Isaac Davis of Worcester, 17."
Resolutions on the War.
1862—July 22.
   At a town meeting Nathaniel H. Whiting presented the following Resolutions, which were adopted:
   "Resolved, that in the dark & troubled night which surrounds us, we cherish with a deeper love and more exalted patriotism, the noble sentiment proclaimed in that early conflict with the spirit of Disunion, on the floor of the American Senate by our great statesman, now sleeping in our midst by the sounding sea he loved so well, 'Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable.'
   Resolved, that in defense of these, we will stand by the Government to the extent of our last dollar and our last man, preferring to leave for those who shall come after us, a wilderness like that our Fathers found when they sailed into yonder bay and landed on Plymouth rock, rather than this monstrous rebellion shall prevail.
   Resolved, that a committee be appointed, consisting of one from each school district, to aid in securing the quota of troops appointed to this town under the last call of the President, and that for this object they be empowered to offer a bounty of one hundred dollars for each man who shall volunteer and be accepted by the military authorities."
   "The town agreed to pay a bounty of one hundred dollars to all soldiers who may enlist in response to the call of the President for the second three hundred thousand men, whenever they shall be accepted and mustered into the service of the United States."
   "Chas. P. Wright—Geo. M. Baker—Daniel Stevens—Luther Hatch—Chas. W. Macomber—Henry S. Bates—Nathaniel Church—Amos Sherman & Henry Leonard were


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