172 History of Marshfield.  

[Thanks to Linda Smith for transcribing this chapter]

ceive a like sum.   Signed—Henry Tolman—Henry B. Bonney—Caleb E. Bailey—Jesse L. Lewis—Josiah C. Crowell—James C. Phillips—Daniel Stetson—Abijah Ewell—Martha Sherman—Hannah Ewell—Thatcher Ewell—Hannah E. Sampson—Harriet T. Ewell—Geo. E Crossly—Charles Stevens—Ethan A. Randall—Anson Hatch—Nathan F. Hopkins—18.
   "And your committee would recommend the acceptance of those conditions on the part of the town, and that the claims of all volunteers of 1861 be settled on these principles, who enlisted previous to the act of the Legislature passed at special session of 1861—limiting the action of the town to three months, provided it can be legally done.   Signed—R. H. Moorehead—Seth Weston—Daniel Stevens—Stephen Gardner—H. A. Oakman."
   The names of Soldiers who took part in the Civil War of 1861 to 1865 from Marshfield, are as follows:
   "Alfred W. Stoddard—Geo. Baker—C. Wm. Estes—Nathaniel J. Porter—Wm. Rogers—James L. Rogers—James E. Baker—Henry S. Bates—Edwin Curtis—Peleg S. Sherman—Ed. H. Davis—Wm. Williamson—Chas. W. Bailey—E. F. Cudworth—Israel H. Carver—Daniel E. Ewell—Ed. A. Falvey—Thos. P. Ford—S. Nelson Gardner—Lorenzo D. Harrington—Samuel Holmes—Ed. Hatch—Samuel F. Hatch—Chas. R. Hatch—Calvin O. Hatch—John F. Hatch—Asa W. Hewit—John A. Keen—Wm. Byran Little—Geo. T. Osborne—Wm. S. Porter—Josiah Randall—Jos. Sherman—Jona. J. Simmons—Josiah Thomas—Lucius Thomas—James A. Wright—Calvin Williamson, Jr.—Peter Williamson—And. J. Williamson—Geo. W. Eames—Henry F. Ford—Henry W. Holmes—Geo. S. Lapham—John Williamson—Anthony W. Williamson—Samuel C. Baker—Lucius L. Bonney—Fred A. Delano—John G. Fish—Calvin Joyce—Nicholas Porter Jr.—Calvin


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