174 History of Marshfield.  

[Thanks to Linda Smith for transcribing this chapter]

   "Robert Ames—Lewis W. Bailey—Lucius L. Bonney—Hiram Butterfield, Jr.—Justin A. Carver—wounded in throat or lungs, now living, the bullet has never been extracted—David Church—killed, and for whom the Grand Army Post in Marshfield is named—Chas. W. Cobbett—Edmund Crossley, wounded and died within 28 days—Edwin Curtis, wounded and died within 6 days—Job L. Ewell, wounded and died within 30 days—Samuel H. Ewell—Turner Ewell, Jr.—James W. Fish—S. Nelson Gardner, who died at the war—Wilbur F. Harrington—Andrew W. Hatch—Joseph Joyce—Col. Hiram A. Oakman, wounded, now living—Freeman A. Randall, wounded—Josiah C. Stoddard—Josiah Thomas—Col. Fletcher Webster—killed in battle—Joseph E. Williamson—James A. Wright—Church C. Lapham, a drummer boy, wounded in leg, now living."


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