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1867—July 8.

Town Record Selection.

   "Ordered by the town that the town Treasurer be and is hereby authorized and instructed in the name of the town to subscribe for and take seven hundred and fifty shares (at $100 pr. share) of the capital stock of the Duxbury and Cohasset Railroad, agreeable to the provisions of said Charter.   Provided the sum of two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars be subscribed for and taken by the towns of Scituate and Duxbury, or other corporations.   The result of the voting was yeas, 176—Nays, 37."
   Wales R. Clift presented at the town meeting the following resolutions:
   "Believing that the taxation without representation is as offensive to the people of the town in 1870 as it was in its colonial days of 1770.   Therefore, Resolved: That in the great taxation which we have imposed upon ourselves by subscribing for stock in the Cohasset and Duxbury Railroad, we feel that we are not fairly and impartially represented by our Director, Nathaniel H. Whiting, who ignores the wishes of the town in its location for their mutual accommodation as far as practicable, and regards the desire of a mammoth corporation which takes the oyster of the shore route for its own aggrandizement, and leaves a large portion of the citizens of the town with nothing to hope for or expect but the shell and a burdensome taxation for themselves and their children after them, therefore we request him to resign, that we may have a Director who is willing to carry out



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