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Clift Rodgers Free Library.

   The founder of the Clift Rodgers Free Library and Hall was Mr. Clift Rodgers, a native of Marshfield Hills, formerly East Marshfield.   Mr. Rodgers was born in Marshfield, Dec. 4, 1806.   At the age of 19 he went to Quincy, Mass., where he learned the currier's trade, and after carrying on the business some twenty-five years, he moved to Boston and engaged in the hide and leather business, where he amassed a moderate fortune.
   Retiring about 1867, he returned to Marshfield and spent the remainder of his days here on his native hills in the enjoyment of a well spent life.
   He died in 1897, in his ninety-first year.   His loving wife preceded him in his journey beyond by four years.
   About two months before his decease he directed the author of this History to get incorporated and organize an association for the building of a Free Library and Hall, and after its incorporation and organization he placed in the hands of the Treasurer the sum of $5000 for the purchase of a site in Marshfield Hills and the erection of a building thereon.   It was organized and incorporated as the Clift Rodgers Free Library Association, with the following persons as its corporators and officers: President, Lysander S. Richards; secretary, George H. Weatherbee; treasurer, Mrs. Miriam G. Richards; directors, Marcellus W. Rogers, James L. Rogers, Miss Henrietta Hall, Wendell Phillips, and Horace T. Fogg.
   Since its organization Miss Miriam G. Richards, its first treasurer, and Wendell Phillips, a director, have passed away, and Miss Eleanor R. Richards was chosen to fill the vacant office of treasurer.   Mr. Rodgers did not live to see the erection of the building he donated.   The site he se-



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