182 History of Marshfield.  

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lected and purchased just before his decease, where the building now stands.   It is nearly opposite the Orthodox, or Second Trinitarian Congregational church, and near the so-called "Rodgers Corners," Marshfield Hills.   It was built by William L. Sprague in a thorough, workmanlike manner.   H. W. Rogers of Lynn was the architect.
   It is a one-story building, with a library or stack room and reading room on the southwesterly end.   The nucleus of the library was furnished by the East Marshfield Public Library (a small library located years before in the East Grammar schoolhouse).   The library now contains about 1000 volumes and is well patronized.   It is opened once a week, afternoon and evening.   Mr. Edgar Hood has served as librarian since the building was completed.
   The conditions of the gift are that the hall should be always free to Spiritualist speakers, provided they pay for lighting, heating, and the janitor's fee.   Mr. Rodgers, the donor, was a spiritualist, but since the hall was built there has been no demand from that source.   The hall is let more or less for small assemblies, lectures and entertainments.   Its seating capacity is about 200.
   The expense of running the library, including the salary of the librarian, is mostly paid from the interest of the fund remaining, amounting to about $1250.   It is not a town institution, only in the sense that its citizens are allowed to take out books from the library free.   It is a perpetual corporation, founded at the wish of Mr. Rodgers.   It is placed in the hands of seven trustees, who have the power to fill vacancies whenever they may occur.   The demand at present for books is mostly for fiction, although it is the purpose of the government to furnish nothing but good books.   It is hoped as the years roll by that a higher taste for reading will be cultivated by our citizens.   There are plenty of high class books in the library worth reading.   Books will be added from time to time as the funds in the treasury permit.


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