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Formation of Grand Army Post and Ladies' Relief Corps.

   Some twelve years ago Mr. James L. Rogers, with the assistance of John H. Eames (both soldiers in the Civil war of 1861), conceived the idea of starting a Grand Army Post in this town, and Mr. Rogers stating his purpose to the author, the latter made it public in his regular correspondence in the Marshfield Mail.   Mr. Wales Rogers, father of James, was the proprietor of the only hall at the Hills at that time, known as Rogers' Hall, and through the influence of his son, he granted the use of his hall free for one year, for the purpose of establishing a Post.   Mr. James Rogers then, with the assistance of Mr. Eames, began the work of enlisting the sympathy and interest of the war veterans in the movement, and at the first two or three meetings they could not get but two or three interested.
   The Post, however, in due time and process of form was organized and called the "David Church Post," named after the first soldier from Marshfield killed in the war.   Mr. Rogers did janitor work in taking care of the hall gratuitously.   After a year and a few months' occupation of the hall, the Post moved to a small hall fitted up for the purpose over the store of the late Elijah W. Hall.   Here they remained until the purchase of the old Rogers Hall and a small piece of land surrounding it.   This building was repaired and extended in length, the mid-floor removed, and a large stage added.   A beautiful building, both interior and exterior, was thus added to the town's attractions.   The building has cost the Post over $3000.
   Soon after the organization of the Post, the Women's Relief Corps was started and organized in due form as an



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