184 History of Marshfield.  

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auxiliary or aid to the Grand Army Post, and the assistance rendered the Post through the untiring efforts of these women has been an untold benefit.   Their labors have been given mostly in the direction of paying off a part of the debt on the building.   A mortgage was obtained upon the property of $2000 when the building was completed, and through the efforts of the Post, in successfully putting plays upon the stage, and the assistance of the ladies of the W. R. C. in the holding of fairs and entertainments, the debt has been reduced to aboubt $800.
   Memorial Day is observed by the Post and the Woman's Relief Corps every year in decorating the deceased soldiers' graves in the cemeteries of the town, and exercises are held in the Grand Army Hall.
   A soldiers' monument in memory of the soldiers who were killed and died from wounds and diseases resulting from the effects of the Civil war, was erected by the town at Marshfield Hills, near the site of the Unitarian meetinghouse and in front of the cemetery adjoining.   It was erected some ten years ago.   It is constructed of Quincy granite, with the life-size figure of a soldier on top of the pedestal, and a gun at rest in the grip of the soldier's hand.   Its cost was about $1500.   The committee in procuring the monument and selecting the site were Col. Hiram A. Oakman, John H. Eames and Henry Tolman.   Some time after its erection, its dedication took place.   The celebration of this event was attended by people not only of this town, but from all the adjoining towns.   The orator of the day was our Secretary of the Commonwealth, Hon. William Olin.   The commander of the Post at this time was Josiah Crowell, who was the president of the day.   Col. H. A. Oakman had charge of the procession.
   The commanders of the Post who have served since its organization are: John H. Eames, who served several years, Josiah Crowell, Judson Ewell, Col. H. A. Oakman, Israel


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