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   In the early part of the 19th century, Proctor Bourne kept store at Marshfield on the spot where the postoffice is now located, after which the store was kept by George Martin Baker.   Following him, his son George carried on the business, after whom the father took the store again, and now it is continued by Mr. Augustus Barstow, agent.   The postoffice is now located here, and Mr. Barstow holds the office of postmaster.   Another store about the middle of the 19th century was built by Henry Crossley about half a mile from said store, just above the old mill and South river bridge.   It was kept by him for some years.   He was followed by Luther P. and Charles Hatch, and soon L. P. Hatch bought the interest of Charles Hatch and carried on the store alone.
   Some few years later L. P. Hatch built the large store now occupied by the so-called "Marshfield Store."   The Crossley store was burned a few years after Mr. Hatch moved into his new store.   Here he continued in the business for many years.
   Another small store close by was kept by Charles Harlow some years ago.
   At Sea View a store was built in the middle of the last century and carried on by George H. Weatherbee, Jr., in a part of the building now known as Pecker's shoe shop.   The building used in after years as a shoe factory by George Pecker is now abandoned.   Mr. William Smith kept store a short while here.   Opposite this building, across the street, a smaller store was erected, and here George Currell carried on the grocery business.   He was followed later by William Randall.   It is now kept by Chester Ewell.



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