202 History of Marshfield.  

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than the level of the water inside the dike.   At the end of each of the sluices, on the inner side of the dike, is a sluice gate, designed to control the level of the water in the river above the dike.
   "It appears to be the practice to leave these sluice-gates partially open at all times, and to raise or lower them only at infrequent intervals, whenever it is desired to raise or lower the water in the river above the dike."
   "The water above the dike in the summer season, in an ordinary year, may be kept down to a level about 0.3 of a foot above the average of low water just outside the dike, the level of low water in this portion of the harbor being found to average about 3.5 feet above mean low water at the outlet of the harbor."
   "The main drain of the meadows is the Green Harbor river, which drains an area above the dike of about 6.9 square miles, as measured by the state map."
   "The sharp contrast between the elevation of the marshes just below the dike and that of the meadows just above it, leaves no doubt of the subsidence in the level of the meadows in this vicinity.   The soil, both of the salt marshes and of the meadows above the dike, contains a large amount of small roots and fibre."
   "The shrinkage in the meadows appears to be due to the draining of the water out of them and the subsequent decomposition of the roots and fibres of the soil, which allowed the soil to become more compact, and it is very probable that practically all of the shrinkage has occurred above the present water level in the river and creeks."   Dr. Stephen Henry and Geo. M. Baker have been the leading spirits in the construction and perpetuation of the Dike.
   There is at this time, in the year 1900, quite a large village at Green Harbor, also known as Cut River, occupied by permanent residents and non-residents.   It is quite a seashore resort and is supported largely by summer boarders, boating and fishing.   The Webster House is the largest hotel there.   In the summer season it is quite a lively place and is visited by many tourists, as well as the neighboring and larger village of Brant Rock.


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