History of Marshfield. 205

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pired.   In 1866 the Churchill Hotel was built and run by George Churchill.   Then followed the building of the Wrightman Cottage, the Pierce (south from the hotel), also the Howland & Jones and the George Hatch cottages, the last two being north from the Pioneer.   They were built by Samuel Turner.   Mr. Walter Peterson built in 1870 or 1871.
   "The Brant Rock House was built in 1874 and was run by Henry T. Welch of Cambridgeport.   S. B. Richmond of Lynn built in 1874.   Ocean House, by Paine & Bonney, was built about 1875.   Gilman Stetson of South Hanover built the same year.   Fair-View House was built by Martin Swift of Bridgewater about 1877.   There were many houses built in 1875 and 1876.   I have mentioned but few of them.
   A lumber yard was established in the fall of 1870 by T. B. Blackman.   The lumber was brought from Maine and the West.   This made good business till the shoaling of the river, caused by building the dike.   Sales of lumber in 1875 amounted to more than $5000, and would have become a fine business but for the shoaling of the harbor and river.
   "Mr. Edwin Reed built in the year 1881.   Charles Sprague built in 1876, and George Thomas in 1878.   The highway from the First Congregational church in Marshfield to the Beach was laid out in 1692.   From Waterman's Causeway to the land of Thomas Liversidge, a road was built in 1862.   From this point through Brant Rock village to the Pioneer Cottage the road was laid out in 1867.   The Dike road was built in 1879.   From the Pioneer Cottage over Ocean avenue to a point near the house of T. B. Blackman, a road was laid out in 1890."


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