210 History of Marshfield.  

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of the statesman.   It was here, while occupied by Mrs. Webster, that the President of the United States, President Arthur, at the Centennial of Webster's birth in 1883, visited the spot and was heartily welcomed by thousands of people assembled to do him and the dead Webster honor.   Some time after this event the estate was sold to Mr. Walton Hall, a native of Marshfield Hills, and a wholesale merchant in Boston.   Mr. Hall and family are still its occupants.   Webster's original estate, after his decease, was parcelled and sold at different times, until the large estate was reduced to two or three hundred acres at the time of Mr. Hall's purchase.   Since that period he has bought several estates around him, and has regained some eight hundred or a thousand acres.
   An extensive apple orchard of thirteen acres, planted by Webster a half a century or more ago, is still standing, and bearing heavy crops of apples.
   Mr. Webster's foreman, C. Porter Wright, and Chas. Peterson (his boy) who attended his gunning and fishing rambles, are still living.   It is said of him while on one of his gunning sports, over the marshes of Marshfield, not far from his house, he was accosted by a couple of tourists from Boston, who were attempting to cross a small flooded stream; they could not jump it, and espying an old man not far away, yelled to him to come and carry them over.   The old man responded, and having on a pair of high, rubber hunting boots, took one upon his back and carried him across and then the other.   They then asked him if he could show them the way to Webster's.   "Why, yes," said he, "I am going there, come with me.   You are addressing Mr. Webster."   Amazed at this announcement, they felt like skulking away, but soon plucked up courage and followed the statesman to his home, where they were warmly welcomed.
   At Marshfield Hills there is what is known as Walker's Pond, formerly a mill was close to it.   A Mr. Walker owned


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