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Marshfield in its Corporate Capacity.

   The valuation of the town in 1900 was:
   Real estate, $1,223,435
   Personal estate, 105,810
Total, $1,329,245
   Amount voted by the town in 1900 for the ensuing year's expenses was $23,000.
   Rate of taxation for 1900, $18.50 per thousand.   In 1901, $14.00 per thousand.
Number of inhabitants in 1900, 1810
Number of voters registered, about 440
Number of residents assessed on property as individuals, 560
All others, 84
Number of non-residents assessed on property, mostly at the beaches, 474
Number of dwelling houses assessed, 921
Number of acres of land assessed, 15,929
Number of horses assessed, 458
Number of cows assessed, 316
Number of cattle other than cows assessed, 93
Number of swine assessed, 23
Number of sheep assessed, 6
Number of fowl assessed, 2,910
Number of persons assessed, poll tax, 500
Value of buildings, $811,745
Value of land, 411,690
   The principal officers of the town are as follows:
   Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers of the Poor:



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