History of Marshfield. 223

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Nathaniel Taylor, John H. Eames and Hartley L. Thomas.
   School Committee:   Albert T. Sprague, Edgar L. Hitchcock and Herbert T. Rodgers.
   Constables:   Howard O. Damon and John Flavel.
   Tree Warden:   John Flavel.
   School Superintendent:   Edgar L. Willard.
   Town Treasurer and Town Clerk:   Geo. H. Weatherbee.
   Auditor:   William L. Sprague.
   Formerly Highway Surveyors were chosen at the annual Town Meeting for each of the fifteen districts, but for the past two years the Selectmen were delegated by the town to act in that capacity, and they appoint deputy surveyors.
   The annual town meeting is generally held on the first Monday of March.   The population of Marshfield has increased but little in half a century.   This is due in large measure to the going of young men and women on becoming of age, to the cities, where larger opportunities are open to them.   Many have obtained a good education, the best that a common and a high school can furnish, and they are able to fill lucrative and responsible places that only persons of ability can supply.
   There are no manufactories in town to give employment to men and women.   Tilling the soil is the chief occupation and boys in the present era have a dislike to this calling.   There is, however, a large and increasing, floating population, non-residents, who live, during the warm season, at Brant Rock, Green Harbor, Abington Village and other seashore resorts in Marshfield, hence while there is but little increase of legal residents, there is a large increase of those who pay taxes, and a large increase of dwelling houses.   There is a tendency now manifest in the purchasing and building of dwellings for summer residences by business men from the city.


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