History of Marshfield. 225

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Acre," adjoining the site of the church, and they have controlled it ever since.   Some stones date back to the 18th century, 1732.   A superintendent of this cemetery is chosen by the church annually.   East of this cemetery is another, adjoining it, being southwesterly of the Orthodox church.
   At North Marshfield there is another cemetery which dates back a century or more.   There is a small one at Center Marshfield, where the remains of Mr. Samuel Hall, a native of Marshfield, a noted shipbuilder, and the father-in-law of ex-Gov. Emery of Utah (now living at Sea View) lie buried with his wife.   Another cemetery is at that part of the town called "Plainville," near the South Baptist church.   There are said to be indications of a very ancient one on the hill at the rear of the residence of Mr. Appolonio, and front of the estate owned by Mr. Eames.

Streets in Marshfield—Named in 1876.
   In 1876 the streets in Marshfield were named by the following committee, chosen by the town: Charles P. Wright, Stephen Gardner, Lysander S. Richards, Nathaniel Phillips, 2nd, Israel H. Hatch, Stephen Henry, William Harrington, and Joseph Sherman.   The following report the town accepted:
   "The street leading from Union bridge south through Corn Hill to Pembroke line hear the house of Nathaniel Church, to be called, "Union street."   From the corner near William C. Oakman's, west to Gravelly Beach, "Corn Hill avenue."   From the corner of the house of Albert Joyce on Union street, southwest to Pembroke line, "West street."   From Rogers Corner past the Second Baptist church and Nathaniel Phillips, 2d, to Union street, "Highland street."   From the house of the late James Touhey, southwest to Union street, at the house of Hiram A. Oakman, "Oak street."   From the corner near the Unitarian church, southwest and south past Aaron Sampson's and Joyce schoolhouse to the corner at James Ford's,


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