History of Marshfield. 235

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ens ordered us to our quarters.   When the privateer came up to us, we gave her a broadside.   She fired upon us, then dropped astern, and came up on the larboard side.   As soon as the guns would bear upon her we gave her another broadside.   They returned the same.   The privateer, giving up the contest, dropped astern and made off, we giving her three cheers."
   He returned to his home at Littletown, Marshfield, and after remaining there a short while, in 1780 he entered on board the United States ship Protector, of 26 guns (crew, 230), as midshipman and prize master.   She was commanded by John F. Williams of Boston.   He says: "My brother, George Little of Marshfield (occupying the estate now owned by Enos Stoddard, near Little's bridge, where his son, Edward Little, representative and town clerk many years, lived) was first lieutenant.   They were on a six month's cruise.   After a short time out in the direction of Newfoundland, they met an English vessel called the Admiral Duff, of 1100 tons burden, with 36 twelve-pounders on the gun deck, and furnished with 250 men, Richard Strange, master.
   "After passing a little by to the leeward, she hove to under fighting sail.   She prepared for action.   Very soon I heard the sailing master call for his trumpet and cried, 'Let fall the foresail, sheet home the maintop gallantsail.'   We steered down across her stern and hauled up under her lee quarter.   At the same time we were breeching our guns aft to bring her to bear.   The captain ordered a broadside given, and colors changed, the thirteen stripes took the place of the English ensign on our ship, they gave us three cheers and fired a broadside.   They partly overshot us, their ship being so much higher than ours, cutting away some of our rigging.   The action commenced within pistol shot and now began a regular battle, broadside to broadside.   After we had engaged one half hour, there came a cannon ball through one


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