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Mrs. Albert Bates, George and Frank Carver, children of the late Mrs. Geo. Sumner Damon, Al. Keen, and others.


   The ancestor of the Laphams in Marshfield came to Scituate before 1635, from county of Kent, England.
   David Lapham4 of the fourth generation from above had 13 children born in Marshfield, 7 of whom were soldiers in the revolution.


   I. David,5 b. 1730.   II. Amos,5 b. 1731.   III. Benjamin,5 b. 1738.   IV. Daniel,5 b. 1739.   V. Isaac,5 b. 1741.   VI. King Lapham,5 b. 1743.   VII. Stephen,5 b. 1736.   VIII. Asa,5 b. 1746, d. 1841.

   Asa5 was the 13th and youngest child of above David4 and ancestor of those now living in Marshfield.   He mar. Betsey Rogers in 1760.


   I. Sally,6 b. 1769.   Mar. James White.   II. Rogers,6 b. 1771.   Mar. Sarah Church in 1794.   III. Rebecca,6 b. 1772.   Mar. Jonathan Sylvester.   IV. Cornelius,6 b. 1774.   Lost at sea.   V. Allen,6 b. 1777 (Abbot Lapham's, now living, grandfather)   Mar. Lydia Ford in 1804.   VI. Asa,6 b. 1781.   Mar. Jane Thayer.   VII. Betty,6 b. 1784.

   Rogers Lapham,6 b. 1771 (Asa,5 David,4)   Mar. Sarah Church.


   I. Sally.7   Mar. Arthur Rogers.   II. Henry,7 b. 1807.   Mar. Eliza Turner.   III. Betsey.7   Mar. Nathan Rogers.   IV. Church,7 d. young.   V. Cornelius,7 b. 1809.   Mar. Minerva Mitchell.   Had: 1, Minerva A.8   Mar. Benj. Lewis.   (Had: 1, Emily, d. young; 2, Flora and one son.)   2,


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