Timothy Williamson settled in Marshfield about 1643. Mar. Mary Howland, dau. of Arthur Howland, Senior, and d. Aug. 6, 1676, in King Philip's war. His grave seems to be unknown. His will is on file in Plymouth, made June 20, 1676, just before he left to engage in the Indian war. It is as follows: "This writing certifieth to whom it may concern, that I, Timothy Williamson, Senior, being called to God's providence to serve in the wars against the enemy, and not knowing whether I may return again, declare that it is my Will and Testament that my beloved wife enjoy whatever is mine, both houses, lands and cattle, at her proper dispose, only the forty acres of upland given me by the Towne; on the north of the south meder. I bequeathe to my son Timothy, and also will that for a year or two, if he change his estate and be not better provided; he have one of the rooms of my house to live in. The whole property remaining his mother's for the bringing up of the children.
   "Witness my hand this twentyeth day of June, 1676.
   "The Mark (X) of Timothy Williamson.
   In presence of
         "Samuel Thomas,
         "Nathaniel Thomas.
         "Wm. S. Danforth,
                 "Register of Deeds."
   He donated to the town a parcel of land as a training field, now known as the triangular common at Marshfield, front of the 1st Congregational church. He was surveyor of the highways, constable and a freeman.
   In Marcia A. Thomas' "Memorials of Marshfield," on page 75, she traces the Williamson family to Master Geo. Williamson, who met King Massasoit at the brook with Capt. Myles Standish, but who "Master George" is, is still


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