Nathaniel,5 a brother of Daniel,5 the elder was a tory in the days of the Revolution.   He was arrested and lodged in jail.   He wrote a penitent letter to the authorities, and Nathaniel,7 now living, has the letter in his keeping.   When liberated he went to Newfoundland, the resort of many tories.   He accummulated quite a property, and at his decease his brother Daniel,5 inherited it, at the decease of said Daniel,5 he bequeathed the larger part of it to his two sons, Nathaniel,6 and Daniel,6 and a smaller portion to his two daughters, Joanna (Nye) and Abigail (Hatch.)   Said Daniel,35 after receiving the property of his deceased brother Nathaniel,5 bought two farms for his two sons.   One for Nathaniel,6 of two or three hundred acres, the estate now owned and occupied by the latter's daughter, Miss Abbie Phillips, and another for his son, Daniel,6 on top of the hill, known as Moses Rogers or Nelson's (Big) Hill, now owned and occupied by his son, Nathaniel,7 (from whom I obtained part of these facts) containing from two to three hundred acres.


   Elder William Hatch, the colonial ancestor of the Hatch family was born in Sandwich, England.   He was a merchant there, and embarked with his wife Jane and five children, and six servants in the good ship "Hercules," 200 tons burthen, John Witherby, master, wherein they were transported to New England in America in the year 1634, died in Scituate in 1651.   He and his family settled in Scituate at a place called Greenfield, and was the first visiting Elder of the church there.


   I. William.2   Mar. Susanna Anable in 1652.
   II. Walter,2 was killed in a stable in 1701, at about 80


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