Sarah D.,5 (Church C.,4 Samuel,3 —,2 Maurice,1) b. May 13, 1814. (Her daughter, Sarah A., inherited the estate after the death of Charles.)   Mar. John C. George.


   I. Sarah A.,6 b. Jan. 31, 1841, d. Mch. 28, 1890.   II. Josephine,6 b. Nov. 13, 1845, d. Dec. 25, 1855.

   Sarah A.,6 (Sarah D.,5 Church C.,4 Samuel,3 —,2 Maurice,1) b. Jan. 31, 1841.   Mar. John H. Eames.


   I. Chas. T.,7 b. Apr. 2, 1869, d. Dec. 28, 1880.   II. Harry C.,7 b. May 26, 1873, d. May 4, 1904.   Mar. Miss Richards, and had 3 children in Marshfield, who live with their mother and grandfather Eames on the Trouant estate.   III. Edward W.,7 b. July 18, 1875, d. May 15, 1884.   IV. John,7 b. June 3, 1878, now living in Marshfield on his great grandfather, Capt. Church Trouant's estate.   John H. Eames, who occupies the Trouant estate with his son John, above mentioned, came here from Medford years ago, where he served as postmaster several years.   His deceased children and wife are buried there. (His services in the Civil War see in the chapter devoted to the soldiers.)   He has served for several years as one of the selectmen of Marshfield, and is continuing to serve now in 1904.   He also served as commander of the Grand Army Post here for several years.


   Thomas Little1came from Devonshire, England, to Plymouth, in 1630.   He was a lawyer, and his coat of arms is still preserved at the old homestead in the house of Lu-


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