grandson, Frank Sampson, was the last of the family to own it.   He sold it many years ago, and removed West for his health.
   Capt. "Willie" Thomas' (of the Revolution) place was the house the late Luther Thomas tore down and built his new house on the site, near the Marshfield railroad station, at beginning of road leading to Brant Rock in 1860.   Marcia, Sarah and William Thomas, the children of their father's first wife, built a house between their half brother Luther's and the cemetery.
   Major Briggs Thomas,5 son of Col. Anthony,4 purchased the Beadle estate near "Beetle's Rocks," already mentioned.   It is now owned and occupied by his descendants, children of the late Elijah and Sarah (Thomas) Ames.


[Thanks to Kendall Mellem for transcribing the Ford family]

   William Ford, son of "Widdo Ford," b. in 1604.   Settled early in Marshfield.   He was a miller.   Established the mill on the site at Marshfield known as "Dunham’s Mill," near Brown’s Blacksmith’s shop.   Mar. Anna.


   I. William, Jr.,2 b. 1633.   II. Michael.2   III. Margaret.2   IV. Millicent.2   Mar. John Carver.   Dea. Ford, the father, d. 1676, the mother d. 1684.

   William, Jr.,2 son of above William, the Ancestor, b. 1633.   Mar. Sarah, dau. of John Dingley in 1658.


   I. John,3 b. 1659.   II. Mercy,3 b. 1662.   Mar. Samuel, son of John and Sarah (Pitney) Thomas in 1680.   III. Josiah,3 b. 1664.   IV. Sarah.3   Mar. Mr. Jones.   V.


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