Henry W. Nelson, Sr., b. at Castine, Me., July 28, 1811.   Mar. Oct. 8, 1838, d. Jan. 1, 1899.   Resided in Marshfield most of the latter part of his life.
   He began life as a civil engineer, and was employed under Major McNeil in the construction of the railroad from Providence to Stonington, Conn.   After his marriage he was engaged in the shipping business, owning in whole or in part a number of large vessels trading with foreign ports.   Later he became partner in a wholesale drug firm, doing business on South Market street.   After this he went back to railroading and became superintendent, first of the Norfolk Co. road, then the road from Plattsburg to Montreal, and lastly of the Old Colony.   All the latter portion of his life, and until the time of his retirement from active business, he was occupied in copper mining, holding the offices of superintendent and treasurer of a number of mines in the Lake Superior district.


   I. Rev. Dr. Henry W., Jr., b. in Boston, Aug. 17, 1839.   Mar. Hortense C. Lewis of New London, Ct.   Had: 1, Margaret H., 2, Geo. L., 3, Frank H., 4, Mary H., 5, Katherine D.
   II. Thomas Nelson, b. in Boston Mch. 4, 1845, d. Nov. 19, 1897.   Had: 1, Annie V. A., b. in Boston Mch. 8, 1891.


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