[Thanks to Linda Smith for transcribing the Emery family]

   Hon. Geo. W. Emery, residing in Marshfield, b. Aug. 13, 1833, in Corinth, near Bangor, Me.   Son of Oliver H. and Hannah O. (Porter) Emery.   The Ex-Gov. is the 8th generation from the colonial ancestor, Anthony Emery, who came to Boston in the ship "James" in June, 1635.   On his mother's side he is of the 8th generation from John Porter, who settled in Hingham in 1635.   She was the daughter of Nathaniel Porter of Ipswich, who was a revolutionary soldier.   Ex-Gov. Emery was a graduate of Dartmouth, Col.   After studying law, he entered the law office of Gen. Benj. F. Butler.   In 1869 he was appointed Supervisor of Internal Revenue.   The district finally included the states of Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.   He had under him more than 2,500 men appointed in Washington.   This was in the times of Kuklux Klan, and days of reconstruction.   Pres. Grant was so well satisfied with Mr. Emery's administration of the affairs, he appointed him Governor of Utah (then a territory) in 1875.   It was the common saying among them: "It was the Governor against the Mormons," and it was only through him that the Gentiles could expect any legislation favorable to themselves.   He was President of Marshfield Ag. and Hor. Soc., and Trustee of N. Eng. Ag. Soc., also member of Marshall P. Wilder Club.   Mar. Miss Marcia I. Hall, dau. of Samuel Hall, the famous ship builder of Ea. Boston.   Had: 1, Frank H., b. May 6, 1867.


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