Joshua Vinal, the rhymer, lived in the early part of the last century in the house now occupied by Henry Carver, the grocer, and formerly owned and occupied by the late Dr. Hagar.   He disappeared from home Feb. 28, 1822, and was found dead in a ditch on the Salt Marsh over a week afterwards.
   Isaac Rogers, father of the late Charles Rogers, was a clock maker, and lived in the house now occupied by Geo. Carver.   He owned all the land on corner of Main and Prospect streets, comprising the land next to the school house, and the land owned by Geo. Carver, Frederick Damon, Mrs. Judson Ewell, Gershom Sherman and Grand Army Hall.   His father accumulated considerable property and said to his son during his declining days: "Isaac, don't hoard," and he didn't.   This house, built by said Isaac's father, Thomas,5 is 150 years old.   While he was finishing off a room he worked in Hanover, Mass., walking to his work in the morning and walking home at night, and after supper he worked on his house by lamplight, his wife holding the candle for him.
   On another old site, stood a house long ago passed from sight, in the rear of the residence of Mr. Swift, and occupied by Miss Jerusha Rogers, sister to the clock maker, Isaac.
   On the land down in the valley through which "Bear's Brook" runs, on the easterly portion of the land, formerly owned by the late Rev. Geo. Leonard, there was a house a century or more ago, occupied by Barnabas Fountain, long since demolished.
   On the premises now owned and occupied by Albert Holmes was a store carried on by Danforth Hall.   From this store there were stiles radiating in different directions over pastures and stone walls in Ea. Marshfield.   One prominent one was across Mr. Weatherbee's land and wall, past Rev. Mr. Leonard's and Corringdon Tilden's to the street, by the late Nathaniel Phillips' residence, at the foot of Batcheller's Hill.


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