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until she gave him the cider.   Deborah was so pleased at his lines, she consented, and gave him the cider.   He then finished the verse as follows;
     "Up came Gabriel with a club,
     And knocked her down to Beelzebub."
   In early days Betsey Ford's (wife of Asa Ford,) child was punished at the East Marshfield district school, and when it was reported to her, she hastened to the school house, grabbed a stick of cord wood from the wood pile, and went for the master, who was in the school yard.   He ran, and she after him with her cord wood stick raised to hit him, but he escaped by running into the school house and locking the door.   She followed, and with terrific force she threw the cord stick at the door after him.   It passed through the panel, and after a few not altogether classic words addressed to him, she directed her steps homeward, more or less refreshed by the exciting labors of the day."

[Thanks to Linda Smith for transcribing this section]

   Some historical facts concerning the Old Unitarian Church at Marshfield Hills:

Signed somewhere between 1732 and 1740.

   "We whose names are underwritten do in the presence of God and His holy angels and with all possible solemnity, Covenant and Bind ourselves in manner and form following, that is to say:   We do give up ourselves to ye God whose name alone is Jehovah, Father, Son and Holy Ghost,


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