[Thanks to Linda Smith for transcribing this section]
"Naked from the earth we came,
and crept to life at first,
We to the earth return again
And mingle with the dust."

"Worms devour my wasting flesh,
and crumble all my bones to dust.
My god shall raise my frame anew
At the revival of the just."

   In memory of Mercy Tilden, wife of Dea. Sam'l Tilden.   She died Mch. ye 6th, 1781, in ye 37 year of her age.

"Corruption, earth and worms
Shall but refine this flesh
'Till my Triumphant spirit comes
To put it on at death."

   In memory of Mrs. Persis Oakman, born 1761, d. 1785.

"Behold this little pile enfolds my limbs,
And puts a period to my time below,
Mortal attend, there's no mutation here,
E're long you will participate my lot."

   Old stones in Marshfield Hills cemetery.   Inscriptions of persons born in the same century that the Pilgrims landed; about the time of King Phillip's war.

   "Here lies buried the body of Mr. Samuel Oakman, dec. Nov. 21, 1739, in ye 41st year of his age."   (Born in 1698.)

   "Tobias Oakman died in 1750, age 86."   (Born in 1664.)


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