Joseph Church, the colonial ancestor of the Churches in this region came from England to Duxbury early in Colonial days.   He had two sons, Capt. Benjamin and Nathaniel.   Capt. Benjamin was one of the leading Captains of "King Phillips War."   United States History says of him.   "In June 1676, a strong force, raised with the view of exterminating the savage foe, was placed under command of celebrated Captain Church.
   In the course of the summer he killed and captured many of the dispersed Wampanoags.   Among others, the wife and child of King Philip were taken!   'My heart breaks' cried the chieftain.   'Now I am ready to die!'   The child alluded to was a boy of nine years, the last of the family of Massasoit.   The condition of Philip was now indeed hopeless.   Deserted, betrayed, hunted down, he could hope for relief only in death.   With his few remaining followers, he took refuge in a swamp, in the broad hunting grounds which had belonged to his fathers.   Here while trying to obtain rest, he was disturbed by gloomy dreams.   Impressed with a foreboding evil, he bade his men to save themselves and leave him to his fate.   It was time.   Capt. Church was upon him.   An Englishman aimed at the chief, but his musket missed fire, and a friendly Indian in the company seized the moment to shoot Philip through the heart.   Church's army raised three cheers and treated the fallen King with savage indignity." Joseph, the ancestor, removed with his two sons. Benjamin and Nathaniel to Scituate.

   Nathaniel,2 son of Joseph, the ancestor, and brother of Capt. Benjamin, above described, removed to Marshfield, and was the ancestor of the Churches in Marshfield.   Mar. in 1666, Sarah ——.   Had:


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