to spend the remainder of his long life of one hundred years.   The following gives the direct lines of descent of the Bournes to the present time:
   Thomas Bourne,1 and wife, Elizabeth, came from Kent County, England, about the year 1630.
   John,2 b. in England.   Mar. Alice Besbeech, or Bisbee, July, 1645.
   Thomas,3 their son, b. in 1647.   Mar. Elizabeth Rouse.
   John,4 their son, b. in 1685.   Mar. Abigail Collamore.
   John,5 their son, b. in 1737.   Mar. Lucy Dingley.
   John,6 their son, b. in 1759, d. 1859.   Mar. Martha Sampson.
   John,7 their son, b. in 1790.   Mar. Ruth Ford.
   John H.,8 their son, b. 1829.   Mar. Sarah T. Walker.   He has served on the Board of Selectmen and on the Board of School Committee; was also a member of the State Board of Agriculture for 3 years.
   Proctor Bourne, b. in 1791.   Mar. Temperance Thomas.   He was Postmaster of Marshfield for many years, keeping a store in connection with the postoffice and serving the town as its treasurer and collector.   His children are all dead, but two grandchildren are now living:   Annie F. Calligan and Emma P. Kaler, with one great-grandchild, Grace B. Williams, all living at Evanston, Ill.


[Thanks to Linda Smith for transcribing the Sprague family]

   William Sprague,1 the ancestor, came to Salem in 1628 or 1629, and afterward settled in Charleston.   He removed to Hingham in 1636.

   Samuel,2 son of William, b. 1640.   Mar. Sarah, dau.


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