Nicholas,4 Nicholas,3 John,2 Richard,1)   Mar. John Reinhart of Kingston.   Had: 1, Abbie.

   William F.,9 (Wm. S.,8 Alvin,7 John,6 Nicholas,5 Nicholas,4 Nicholas,3 John,2 Richard,1)   Mar. Ada K. Reinhardt.   Had: 1 child:   1, Clifton.

   Alvin,8 (Alvin,7 John,6 Nicholas,5 Nicholas,4 Nicholas,3 John,2 Richard,1) b. Aug. 12, 1825.


   I. Helen, or Ellen.   Mar. Edward P. Sprague.


   Sketch furnished by Mrs. Louisa Alden Sprague, daughter of Mr. Alden.
   "Formerly, even more perhaps than nowadays, the country minister occupied an important place in every rural community, closely allied as he was with his life and interests, largely moulding and influencing public thought, opinion and action, the ideal 'parish preacher,' not only well known, but universally respected, consulted, reverenced, and loved of all; the counsellor, friend and helper.   For nearly fifty years the subject of this brief sketch lived among the people of this town, realizing and exemplifying in his life and experience to an unusual degree this ideal life of a country pastor.   Shadowed, it is true, by much of trial, discouragement and privation, yet filled no less with joy and happiness.   Born in Randolph, Aug. 10th, 1819, and coming from good old Pilgrim stock, even descending in a double line from the immortal John and Priscilla Al-


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