John Kent came to Marshfield from Scituate in 1709.   He was the son of John Kent, who came from England to Dedham, Mass., in 1645.
   John,1 mar. Hannah Griswold, Mch. 21, 1662.   They afterward moved from Dedham to Charlestown, where John2 was born in 1668.
   John,2 b. 1668.   Mar. Sarah Smith of Charlestown (who was a great aunt of Abigail Smith Adams), Dec. 22, 1692.   He was a ship builder in Scituate from 1698 to 1709, when he removed to Marshfield and purchased land of Charles Little at Rexhame, now owned by Ray T. Ames.   In 1709-10 he was chosen on a commission to divide the common and undivided lands of Marshfield.   In 1724-25 he was sent as Representative to the General Court.   In 1725-26 he was one of the Selectmen of Marshfield.


   I. Sarah.3   II. John.3   III. Hannah.3   IV. Elizabeth.3   V. Ebenezer.3   VI. Benjamin.3   VII. Sarah.3   VIII. Samuel.3   IX. Ezekiel.3   X. Nathaniel.3   XI. Elisha.3   XII. Joseph.3   XIII. Mercy.3   XIV. Abigail.3

   Elisha.3   From Elisha are descended all the Kents now living in Marshfield.   Mar. Susanna Ford, a dau. of Peleg and Alice Warren Ford.   (Alice Warren Ford being a dau. of Capt. James Warren of Plymouth, a grandson of Richard Warren of the Mayflower.)   He purchased a farm of Thomas Tracy in 1743.   This place has been occupied until recently by his descendants.   He was a leader in public affairs during the Revolution, having been appointed on the Committee of Correspondence in 1776.   He was a Selectman of the town in 1776-77-80-81.


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