we went to Baton Rouge, where we landed, the comrades scattered in all directions.   Was on the levee when Gen. Banks rode down and wanted to know where my band was.   I told him I could answer for one and I supposed the others were about the city, somewhere.   He said, what are we going to do.   I want to get them together and march them to their quarters.   I told him I could start the drum and that would bring them.   He said, 'That is it; give it to her;' and it was very funny to see the soldiers running from all directions.
   "We started for Port Hudson the 13th, and we were ordered to take only the top rails of the fence to do our cooking.   After one was taken the next became the top, and none were left.   We were to attack Port Hudson in the rear and the gun boats in front and run by the fort.   Two ran by, but the rebels fired red-hot shot into the steam frigate Mississippi and set her on fire.   I climbed a tall oak tree and I could see her when her magazine blew up.   It was the most splendid display of fireworks I ever saw.
   "On the 11th we started toward Centerville.   Gunboats were shelling the woods, each side of the bayou, and the cavalry scouting in advance, the band being in the front.   We were ordered to halt a short distance from a sugar house, and Gen. Banks rode up, and soon a cannon ball from the sugar house came over our heads and landed a long way in the rear, when the man that helped me carry the big drum, dropped everything and ran for dear life.   Gen. Banks said to him, 'don't run, my man; don't run.'   But there was no stopping him.   The general turned to me and said, "I think we are a little too near.   I guess we had better work back," and walked his horse beside me till we were out of range.   Then our batteries came up and there was a fearful artillery duel.   Finally we fired red-hot shot and set their breastworks, which were cotton bales, on fire, and they had to retreat.   We camped on the field that night.   The next morning we crossed the bridge that


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