Enlisted Aug., 1862, Co. K, 38th Reg. Mass. Vol. Infantry.   Went to Baltimore, then to Fortress Monroe.   Embarked for New Orleans under Gen. Banks.
   "Was in the battle of Patterson, La., and won the battle.   Our next battle was at Port Hudson; attacked the rebel breastworks.   Major Redmond of New Bedford was killed.   We ought to have taken the port the first day under Gen. Banks, but did not.   We made two assaults.   After the fall of Vicksburg, the garrison at Port Hudson surrendered.
   "The artillery in the rear fired over our heads, and at night they often shot over us, but we got so used to it, we slept right along and never woke.
   "The Red River expedition was a tough one.   We did lots of marching, but met with no success.   We engaged in the battle of Cane River.   We came back to Washington and joined Gen. Sheridan's army in the Shenandoah Valley, Va.   Was in the battle of Winchester.   I was in the advance skirmish line.   A skirmish line is a line of soldiers, stretched along, with each soldier from four to eight feet apart in line, and here we have to learn the bugle calls, as the line is stretched so far we cannot hear a call of the voice.   When we are commanded to advance, the bugler has to give a particular call from his bugle, and when to halt, a different call and so on in all the changes ordered.
   "On each side of me in the skirmish line were Privates Dodge and Pierce.   Said Dodge to me, 'Holmes, we shall be killed in this assault; I feel it.'   And sure enough in a few moments Dodge at my right fell, and so did Pierce on my left.   Dodge was shot through the mouth and head and was killed.   Pierce was shot through the breast, and as we were advancing, we, of course, could not stop to attend the wounded, and Pierce, as he lay there on the field, was


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