inent in watching for the famous guerilla, Mosby, and his band.   Was promoted to sergeant in his company.   The latter part of his service he joined the 2d Regt., Dist. Columbia Vols., band.   He was discharged in Oct., 1865.




   Enlisted Aug. 7, 1864.   Discharged June 7, 1865.   Co. M., Capt. Driscoll, Third Mass. Heavy Artillery.
   "In our voyage out to Fortress Monroe, nearly every one of the soldiers were seasick, except myself and the crew.   I was accordingly put on guard, and all of the sick ones were put down the hole of the transport, and not allowed above deck.   It was pitiful to see the soldiers put their hands up on the edge of the hatchway and try to climb up above, but my orders were not to allow anyone to get up, and I was obliged to prick some of their hands pretty sharp with my bayonet before they would loosen their grip and drop.   Some of them cried out to me that they had marked me and would give it to me (meaning to shoot) when they landed.   But I was obliged to obey orders, and I was never harmed.
   "While on guard about the camp, there was a soldier who had been imbibing a little, and was making himself pretty noisy on the railroad track.   Finally the commanding officer ordered me to arrest him.   I obeyed, and brought him to the guard house, and not a great while after, I saw him draw a sharp knife across his throat, and then again, before we could reach him.   He bled to death in a few minutes.
   "I was ordered, with one or two others, to go back and


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