teenth, Forty-fifth and Fifty-first Massachusetts Regiments and First Division Eighteenth Army Corps.
   "At Newbern we had company drill, regimental drill and brigade drill on broad plantations surrounding our camp.
   "Was in three engagements: battle of Kinston, Whitehall and Goldsboro.   We were held as reserve.   In one of the battles we laid flat on the ground, for the bullets were whizzing a few feet above us.   If we had remained standing we would have suffered severely.   Our march was a long and weary one.   We had nearly forty pounds to carry, including all the equipments.   It was trying for boys from eighteen to twenty years of age.
   "Comrade Thomas P. Ford, a stout, rugged man of thirty-five or forty years, was obliged to fall out, overcome by weariness, and we young boys took turns by carrying his equipments in addition to our own on that long march.   Our brigade lost in the battles of that march, thirty-five killed and one hundred and forty-four wounded."




   "Enlisted Feb. 22, 1864.   Was in Camp Wool, Worcester, until some time in April, when we were ordered to the front.   First battle was the 'Wilderness,' May 5 and 6; second battle, Spottsylvania, May 8 and 12; third battle, Cold Harbor, June 3; fourth battle, Petersburg, June 18.
   "We left Camp Wool, Worcester, with a full regiment of 1020 men, and on June 19, in front of Petersburg, but thirty-seven men answered the 'roll call.'   The highest


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