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Lysander Salmon Richards
History of Marshfield, 2 vols.

Plymouth, MA: The Memorial Press, 1901, 1905
Reprinted Salem, MA: Higginson Books, 1996

The Online Edition


This work was begun by the late CJ McNew, carried on by the current webmaster and supported by the greatly appreciated efforts of many volunteers.

In HTML it is not always possible to provide an exact visual reproduction of a printed page. In the transcribed pages I have tried to do so within certain limits. I have used superscript1, italics and SMALL CAPITALS when these are used in print. I have not tried to copy the line breaks from print, and have added some white space in order to make the text easier to read.


Volume I - History

Preliminary material and fifty-eight chapters on the history of the town. Also included are a list of Subjects and an Index to Persons with hot links.


Volume II - Genealogy

Preliminary material and four chapters, containly mostly family registers, with some additional material:

Chapter I. — Old Historic Families in Marshfield. See the Index to Surnames.

Chapter II. — Incidents and Anecdotes In Ye Olden Time, Sites of Old Residences from One to Two Hundred Years Old, Epitaphs and Ancient Gravestones in Marshfield Hills Cemetery. See the Listing of Subjects.

Chapter III. — Old Historic Families in Marshfield (continued). See the Index to Surnames.

Chapter IV. — Soldiers from Marshfield Whom I Have Interviewed Concerning Their Personal Experiences and Observations in the Civil War, by James E. Baker. See the Index to Soldiers' Names.



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