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Lysander Salmon Richards
History of Marshfield, 2 vols.

Plymouth, MA: The Memorial Press, 1901, 1905
Reprinted Salem, MA: Higginson Books, 1996

The Online Edition

Volume I - History

This work was begun by the late CJ McNew, carried on by the current webmaster and supported by the greatly appreciated efforts of many volunteers. I have added some notes in red to the transcribed pages to acknowledge volunteer transcribers and to correct typographical errors.

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History Contents

Burt Fuller has compiled an every-name index to Volume I of the History of Marshfield,
and has generously allowed me to post it here. It is available as a PDF file.
It is also online in HTML format, with hot links to the individual pages.

Frontispiece - Photograph of Lysander Salmon Richards
Title Page
Reverse Title Page
Chapter I. - Marshfield
Chapter II. - Peregrine White
Chapter III. - Old Colonists' Deeds
Chapter IV. - Indian Lands and Deeds
Chapter V. - Beginning of Marshfield Town Records
Chapter VI. - Marriages among the Pilgrims
Chapter VII. - Punishments by the Pilgrims
Chapter VIII. - The Founder of Marshfield
Chapter IX. - The Menu of Our Forefathers
Chapter X. - Town Record Selections
Chapter XI. - Preparations for King Phillip's War
Chapter XII. - Selectmen's Powers—The Indians and other Matters
Chapter XIII. - Dress of the Colonists—Scolding Women
Chapter XIV. - Our Pilgrim Fathers
Chapter XV. - Incidents of the Colonists
Chapter XVI. - Habits and Customs of our Forefathers
Chapter XVII. - North River Ferry Boats and other Matters
Chapter XVIII. - Town Record Selections
Chapter XIX. - Indians—Whipping Posts—Wolves and Lands
Chapter XX. - Churches
Chapter XXI. - Town Record Selections
Chapter XXII. - Stamp Act and other Matters
Chapter XXIII. - Tory Resolutions passed by the Town
Chapter XXIV. - Tories again in the Ascendent
Chapter XXV. - Preparations for the Revolution
Chapter XXVI. - It is now Patriots and Patriotism—Marshfield's Declaration of Independence
Chapter XXVII. - Prices of Home Products during the Revolution
Chapter XXVIII. - Gov. Josiah Winslow and others
Chapter XXIX. - British Soldiers quartered here among the Tories
Chapter XXX. - Marshfield Fathers of the Revolution
Chapter XXXI. - Town Record Selections
Chapter XXXII. - Ship Building in Marshfield
Chapter XXXIII. - Captains Sailing on North River
Chapter XXXIV. - Ship Yards at Gravelly Beach and North River
Chapter XXXV. - Brooks & Tilden Ship Yard and other Yards
Chapter XXXVI. - Ferries in Marshfield
Chapter XXXVII. - Town Record Selections
Chapter XXXVIII. - Public Schools
Chapter XXXIX. - Town Items
Chapter XL. - Fugitive Slave Law
Chapter XLI. - Daniel Webster's Death
Chapter XLII. - The Civil War
Chapter XLIII. - Town Record Selections
Chapter XLIV. - Marshfield Agricultural Society
Chapter XLV. - Clift Rodger's Free Library
Chapter XLVI. - Formation of the Grand Army Post
Chapter XLVII. - Stores—Tea Rock
Chapter XLVIII. - Green Harbor Dike
Chapter XLIX. - Brant Rock
Chapter L. - Ventress Memorial Gift
Chapter LI. - Daniel Websters
Chapter LII. - The New Mouth of North River
Chapter LIII. - Marshfield Hills
Chapter LIV. - Railroad
Chapter LV. - Marshfield in its Corporate Capacity
Chapter LVI. - Cemeteries in Town—Streets
Chapter LVII. - Occupations—Trees on the Roadside
Chapter LVIII. - Marshfield Items—Postoffices


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