[Mayflower Descendant, 11 [1909]:170]

170 Rider-Ryder Notes  

Charles H., son of Henry and Celia, died 14 August, 1845, aged 3 months, 19 days.   [On stone with sister Mary B.]
Mary B., daughter of Henry and Celia, died 8 January, 1854, aged 3 years, 11 days.   [On stone with brother Charles H.]

Ichabod, Capt., died 2 March, 1788, in his 55th year.
Ichabod, son of Capt. Ichabod and Polly, died 15 October, 1801, aged 13 years.
Ichabod, Capt., died 11 November, 1859, in his 99th year.   [On stone with wife Polly.]
Polly, wife of Capt. Ichabod, died 10 April, 1840, in her 81st year.   [On stone of Capt Ichabod, died 1859.]
Ruth, widow of Capt. Ichabod, died 12 October, 1801, in her 65th year.
William, died 12 October, 1802, aged 27 years.

Lusanna, wife of Thomas, died 7 March, 1732, aged 49 years.

Benjamin, Capt., died 13 February, 1770, in his 67th year.

Judith,* wife of Biel; fonnerly wife of Clement Drew; daughter of Seth Briggs; died in May, 1829, aged 64 years.

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        * On Seth Briggs monument.


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