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William Bradford Statue

William Bradford Statue

"Honoring the longtime governor of Pilgrim Colony. Original design by Cyrus E. Dallin commissioned as part of Plymouth's 1921 tercentenary celebration."1

Burial Hill

Burial Hill

The Pilgrims built one of their first forts on this site and is the burial place of William Bradford and other first settlers.

Cole Hill Monument

Cole Hill Monument

"Scene of the secret night burials of those who died during the settlement's first bitter winter. Corn was planted over their unmarked graves so that the Native Americans should not know how many had perished. Carver St."1

Forefathers Monument

National Monument to the Forefathers


"Largest solid granite monument in America. 216 times life-size, it is dedicated to the virtues of the Pilgrims. Prototype for Statue of Liberty. Allerton St."1

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Jenney's Grist Mill

The JENNY Grist Mill

John Jenney built the 1st mill in 1636. Spring Lane

Massasoit Statue

Massasoit Statue

"Wampanoag leader who befriended the Pilgrims, crowns the hill. Carver St."1

Massasoit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Mayflower II

Mayflower II

State Pier, Plymouth Harbor

Plymouth Hall Museum: The Voyage of The Mayflower & The Speedwell

Plimoth Plantation's
Mayflower II Frequently Asked Questions

Mayflower Society Museum

Mayflower Society House Museum

General Society of Mayflower Descendants

The 1754 home of Edward Winslow. View of it's formals gardens. 4 Winslow St.

Plymouth Maiden Statue

Plymouth Mother Statue

By the side of the brook where the Pilgrims first built their homes. Brewster Gardens

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Plymouth Mother Statue

Pilgrim Maiden Statue

"A gift from Daughters of the American Revolution for the 1921 tercentenary celebration. Water & North Sts."1

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Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock

"Believed to be the landing place of the Pilgrims, two-thirds of this rock is underground. The classical canopy was designed by McKim, Mead & White. Water. St."1

Plymouth Rock - Plymouth Hall Museum

Portico over Plymouth Rock

Richard Sparrow  - Barrows House

Richard Sparrow House

Oldest house still standing in Plymouth. Built in 1640 by Richard1 SPARROW. Later home of Robert1 BARROWS and his 1st wife Ruth BONHAM. 42 Summer St.

1 "Walking the Pilgrim Path," in Plymouth Guide, Vol. 18, Issue 2, Aug-Dec (Plymouth, MA: Memorial Press Group, 1998), p. 6.

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