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   SMALL POX CEMETERY, PLYMPTON CENTRE, MASS.   In May, 1906, Messrs. Stanley W. Smith, Edward H. Whorf, John W. Willard and William J. Ham copied and presented to this Society all inscriptions in this cemetery.   The following records were found:

Lieut. Zebedee Chandler, died 2 December, 17[77*], aged 65 years wanting 34 days.   [The last two figures of the year have been destroyed, apparently by a rifle bullet whieh made a hole through the stone.]

Anna, widow of Thomas Cushman, died of small-pox, 4 January, 1778, in her 49th year.

Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas and Anna Cushman, died of small-pox, 3 December [broken].

Keziah, wife of Job Cushman, died of small-pox, 13 December, 1777, in her 28th year.   [On stone with son Nathaniel, who was "Buried at the foot"]

Nathaniel, son of Job and Keziah Cushman, died of small-pox, 24 December, 1777, aged 2 years, 2 months.   [On his mother's stone.]

Samuel, son of Thomas and Anna Cushman, died of small-pox, 20 November, 1777, in his 21st year.

Sarah, daughter of Thomas and Anna Cushman, died 14 March, 1779, in her 14th year.

Eleazer Rickard, died 28 November, 1777, in his 69th year.

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   * The year 1777 is given on the town records, and an administrator on his estate was appointed in July, 1778. — Editor.


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