[Mayflower Descendant, 11 [1909]:195]

  Records in the Old Cemetery at Plympton 195

WESTON (Continued )
Hannah, daughter of Job and Hannah, died 13 December, 1769, aged 2 years, 4 months, 14 days.
Hannah, widow of Lieut. Job, died 4 April, 1822, in her 78th year.
Hannah, Miss, died 2 November, 1841, in her 68th year.
Job, Lieut., died 15 July, 1783, in his 42d year.
Lucy, widow of Benjamin, died 14 July, 1846, in her 65th year.
Lydia, daughter of Zadok and Mary, died in 1781, in her 7th year.   [On her mother's stone.]
Mary, wife of Zadok, died 28 March, 1809, in her 66th year.   [On stone with children Zadok and Lucy.]
Mercy, wife of Benjamin, died 22 February, 1794, in her 78th year.
Nathan, died 11 October, 1754, in his 66th year.
Phillomon, "3d wife of" Benjamin, died 13 March, 1765, in her 43d year.
Rebecca, daughter of Edmund and Susanna, died 6 August, 1728, aged 2 years, 6 months, 9 days.
Rebecca, wife of Edmund, died 18 November, 1732, in her 76th year.
Rebecca, widow of John, died 4 April, 1761, in her 79th year.
Susanna, wife of David, died 18 September, 1759, aged 39 years, 9 months, 5 days.
Zadok, son of Zadok and Mary, died in 1781, in his 9th year.   [On his mother's stone.]
Zadok, died 10 April, 1812, aged 76 years, 9 months.

Elisha, died 10 July, 1789, in his 60th year.

Abigail, Mrs., died 4 November, 1784, in her 41st year.

Abigail, wife of Elisha, Jr., died 13 October, 1773, in her 37th year.
James, died 13 March, 1760, aged 80 years, 11 days.
Joanna, wife of Elisha, died 6 January, 1767, "About ye 75 year of her age"
Malatiah, wife of William, died 16 March, 1788, in her 33d year.
Matthew, died 26 April, 1776, in his 63d year.
Sarah, daughter of William and Malatiah, died 13 April, 1784, aged 15 months.

Betsey D.,* wife of William H., died 12 September, 1847, in her 23d year.
William H.,* died 12 September, 1847, in his 26th year.
———,* infant son of William H. and Betsey D., died 1 September, 1847, aged 9 hours.

        * All three on one stone.


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