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     This site is intended to provide information and resources of interest to radio engineers. All equipment illustrated on this site comes from my personal collection. None of those items are for sale.


The Title Graphic

Title Image

     The title graphic is derived from the cover used by Radio Engineering magazine in the late 1920s. Of all of the radio magazines that have been published this is my favorite. It was a highly technical publication, appealing to radio design engineers, radio station engineers, and servicemen and enthusiasts with a strong technical background.


The Background Graphic

Weston VU Meter

     The background graphic is the stylized scale of a Weston Model 862 VU Meter. It is part of a vintage RCA MI-11265-E VU Meter Panel that I own. The panel is about as old as I am - the back of the meter face is dated March 30, 1951.


Software Used in Producing This Site

     Pages are written and edited with Vedit, a powerful computer programmer's editor from Greenview Data. All HTML code is hand-written (though I do use a number of page templates which I have developed). Images are scanned with a Canon LiDE scanner, which is very portable and which lives in my Explorer. They are scanned into and manipulated with two image editors - Paint Shop Pro from JASC, Inc., and its later incarnation, Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo. Some text is scanned and then OCRd with OmniPage Pro from ScanSoft.

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