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Moving Day
for a
Gates BC-1G

Saturday, September 6, 2003


     WWWR, Roanoke VA, recently replaced their Gates BC-1G transmitter with a new Nautel ND-1. We moved the Gates to the co-owned transmitter site of WCQV, Moneta VA, to take the place of an older (and much wearier) Gates BC-1T. Here's an illustrated account of the journey.


BC-1G Photo 1

Here's the subject of the expedition just before I pulled the tubes and iron out and disconnected the cabling and power.


BC-1G Photo 2

The men from Crowning Touch Senior Moving Services arrived on time and set right to work. This box is indeed a senior citizen in the population of transmitters.


BC-1G Photo 3

I assured station owner Ben Peyton (right) that we had measured the doorways well in advance of the move.


BC-1G Photo 4

The movers got the transmitter onto the lift gate despite the back panel's valiant attempt to escape.


BC-1G Photo 5

It's time to head for the 1G's new home near Smith Mountain Lake.


BC-1G Photo 6

The G's humble new home is eagerly awaiting its arrival.


BC-1G Photo 7

I've moved the rack but haven't finished removing unneeded equipment and re-installing the useful gear. The BC-1T in the center will be rehabbed as a standby. The 1G lived a life of ease in an air-conditioned building, but the 1T hasn't had that luxury. Next week our contractor (running late due to persistent rain) will insulate and air-condition this building.


BC-1G Photo 8

The G has arrived, and fellow engineer Vic Bosiger (left) and station owner Ben Peyton (center) are under the impression that I know what comes next.


BC-1G Photo 9

Rayven's Bobcat Service will handle the last stage of the move.


BC-1G Photo 10

It's a slow trip downhill to the shack.


BC-1G Photo 11

Sales manager Barbara Evans looks on as Rayven heads down the driveway. Take note that the trees and bushes seen here are not on top of the radials. The tower and its completely fenced, well-manicured radial field are to the right, out of range of this photo.


BC-1G Photo 12

Vic directs Rayven as he creeps up to the door.


BC-1G Photo 13

The Crowning Touch movers remove the blindfold and surprise the G with a look at its new home.


BC-1G Photo 14

With the move completed, Vic says "Let's get lunch!"

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