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Broadcast Equipment Brochures

This section of the site presents brochures from a variety of broadcast equipment manufacturers and vendors. This page will slowly grow over time.


Gates Radio Company
Industrial Transmitters and Antennas (ITA)



Gates Radio Company

Gates Radio Company, based in Quincy, IL, was founded by Parker S. Gates in 1922. In the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, they were one of the largest of the full-line broadcast manufacturers. They made AM, FM, and shortwave transmitters, AM phasing systems, audio consoles, turntables, remote control systems, remote broadcasting mixers, and a variety of other equipment. They also sold equipment from other manufacturers such as microphones, cart machines and tape decks, some of it rebadged. It was possible to buy from Gates almost all of the equipment needed by a radio station. I own a number of Gates brochures mainly from the 1950s and 1960s.


Gates BF-250A FM Transmitters ca. 1950


Gates BF-250A FM Transmitter (ca. 1950)

The BF-250A was an FM transmitter akin in design to the General Electric Phasatron transmitters. As in the Phasatrons a GL-2H21 tube operating at about 200 kHz was phase-modulated by audio passed through a pre-emphasis network. The resulting signal was multiplied to the carrier frequency, which also increased the deviation, and fed to the push-pull power amplifier.

Gates BF-250A FM Transmitter Brochure (ca. 1950) (17.2 mb)



Industrial Transmitters and Antennas (ITA)

ITA, based in Landsdowne, PA, was a manufacturer of inexpensive transmitters. It was founded by Bernie Wise and Walter Annenburg (of TV Guide). Bernie later founded CCA and Energy-Onix. ITA employee Guffy Wilkinson later founded Wilkinson Electronics.


ITA AM-1000A AM Transmitter Brochure


ITA AM-1000A AM Transmitter (ca. 1960)

This conventional high-level modulated transmitter used four 4-400A tubes. I have never worked on one but have seen a few sitting forlornly in corners of transmitter shacks where they had long since been replaced.

ITA AM-1000A AM Transmitter Brochure (ca. 1960) (4.0 mb)

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