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Equipment Forms


     I keep a variety of resources on my laptop computer for my work as a contract radio engineer. This page contains files that I use to organize information about the equipment at my client stations.


Sine Systems RFC-1 and RFC-1/B Remote Facilities Controller Programming Spreadsheet


     Most of my clients control their transmitters with a Sine Systems RFC-1 or RFC-1/B. I use an LibreOffice Spreadsheet to store the programming for those units. It is an enhanced electronic version of the programming worksheets found at the back of the RFC software manual. The file has columns for recording the current programming of a unit and the changes that you are making to the programming, as well as a column where you can record comments about the functions programmed. The zipped file also contains a readme.txt file explaining how I use the spreadsheet. It is designed for software versions 5.07 and later but can easily be used for versions back to 4.04 as explained in the readme file. I have revised the file (01-Mar-2006) to set all fields to text format. This has allowed me to set the addresses to four digits with leading zeros just as they are entered while programming. I have corrected the file (04-Nov-2007) to show the correct address for location 0584. I have converted the file (13-Feb-2016) to LibreOffice.


66M and 66B Punch Block Spreadsheets


     I like to document my punch blocks in these LibreOffice Spreadsheets. I use a separate sheet within the file for each block, but one overall file for a single facility. That way I can quickly move between, say, the blocks on the ends of a trunk cable.


Gentner VRC-2000 Programming Software


     The Windows and MS-DOS software for programming the Gentner VRC-2000 is no longer available elsewhere online, but is here on my manuals page.

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