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The Roanoke Phantom


     In the fall of 1993 aircraft and FAA controllers in Roanoke, Virginia, began hearing a series of VHF aeronautical band transmissions from an unauthorized party. Over time the nature of the transmissions progressed to the point where the party, who once referred to himself as "The Roanoke Phantom," was endangering the safety of aircraft in the area. FCC field engineers and agents from the FAA and FBI tracked down the "Phantom," an unemployed janitor, who was transmitting with a handheld aircraft radio. I have posted the affadavit filed by the FBI in order to secure search and arrest warrants. This document, in PDF format, is large (5.44 Meg) as it contains scans of the 19 pages of the affadavit with an underlying text transcription. Be advised that one section contains examples of the indecent language sometimes used by the "Phantom."

     This document is short on technical detail, but provides an interesting glimpse into the investigation. The "Phantom" was convicted in Federal Court and sentenced to a term in a federal prison.

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