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My Primary Tool Kit

Primary Tool Kit     Primary Tool Kit


     Over the decades I have carried a variety of tool kits for my work as a broadcast chief engineer. For twenty of the last thirty years I carried a very large Platt case as my principal kit. Advancing age and decreasing physical ability caused me to downsize several years ago. I now carry a smaller Platt case - a 978T-CB. Platt's catalog calls this their "ultimate" polyethylene tool case. The outer dimensions are 18x13x8, and it has two pallets for hand tools and a divided storage area for larger items such as meters. With this case in one hand and my laptop case in the other I am able to handle most of my work. Below are photographs of the kit with descriptions of its contents.

     Do not mistake this for the cheap Chinese knockoffs, sold at places that sell lots of cheap Chinese tools. The Chinese knockoffs often begin to fail in a year or less. This is a USA-made product with USA-made quality, and over the course of its decades of service will cost perhaps 25-30% of what a series of Chinese knockoffs would cost. Bite the bullet and buy good USA-made products - a lot of the Chinese imports in the tool world are a waste of money in the long run, because USA-made products will cost you significantly less per year over their lifetime. I have USA-made hand tools that are still in daily use after 40 years - how many Chinese tools will last that long?


Primary Tool Kit - Exterior

     This case is built to take whatever punishment comes its way. It is designed to survive as checked baggage, and includes a TSA-approved combination lock that indicates when TSA has opened it. Mine has to ride up and down some rather primitive mountain top transmitter site roads, as well as out to AM towers with nothing even vaguely resembling a road across the field, and those transmitter sites put it through some changes (to quote Warren Zevon, "sort of like a Waring blender").


Top Pallet

Primary Tool Kit - Top Pallet

Top Pallet Contents

Upper Row

Lower Row


Behind Top Pallet

Primary Tool Kit - Behind Top Pallet

Behind Top Pallet Contents


Bottom Pallet

Primary Tool Kit - Bottom Pallet Contents

Bottom Pallet Contents

Upper Row

Lower Row


Bottom Compartments
(Beneath Bottom Pallet)

Primary Tool Kit - Bottom Compartments

Bottom Compartments Contents

Upper Row, First Section

Upper Row, Second Section

Upper Row, Third Section

Upper Row, Fourth Section

Lower Row, First Section

Lower Row, Second Section

Lower Row, Third Section

Lower Row, Fourth Section


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