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A Rusted Tower


     Some years ago I was contract engineer for an AM station. I got the owner (who had recently purchased the station) to have the two towers scraped, painted, plumbed and tensioned. The tower contractor found this damage at the 60 foot level of tower number 2:

A Rusted Tower, Image 2

A Rusted Tower, Image 3

A Rusted Tower, Image 4

     Let this be a warning to those who do not properly care for their towers. We were able to have the problem repaired by welding a brace of new steel around the damage, and many years later the tower is still standing. I know of other towers in the region which have been not been properly maintained, and which are in such bad shape that they are in danger of collapsing. I have informed station management about their problems, and until those are corrected I will not do any work for those stations.

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