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Map of the
Inhabitants of the West Parish of Newbury in 1729

John J. Currier
Ould Newbury: Historical and Biographical Sketches

(Boston: Damrell and Upham, 1896)

   This map, shown in reduced size below, has a key to the inhabitants. There are a few inconsistencies between the key and the map which I am still trying to resolve.

   I have divided the map into segments - clicking on a segment will display that portion of the map at full size. In the key to the inhabitants clicking on the number next to an inhabitant's name will display the map section holding that inhabitant's homestead. Each segment, when displayed, has navigation arrows to access adjacent segments, and a list of inhabitants matching the key.

   Note that this map has an unusual orientation. We are used to seeing maps with north at the top, but on this map north is at the lower right. Note also that the part of the West Parish east of the Artickoke River (labeled "Hertichoak," near the bottom of the map) is now in Newburyport.



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